1 ) Worldwide Cooking
Porcelain is anywhere in the world is an essential part of food culture.
Exclusive Kitchenware combines this functionality perfectly with bold designs and affordable quality. For the production of this extraordinary collection of unique china , we have set the wheels in motion .

2) Features
2a . The material used
Exclusive Kitchenware manufactures porcelain of the very best quality. It has a very long service life and does not flake even when used intensively . Exclusive Kitchenware designed this non-porous and microwaveable porcelain to meet the needs of everyday life. This unique porcelain ensures that the microwave radiation directed at the food and not on the dishes. This porcelain absorbs neither smells nor tastes and is simple in maintenance and cleaning.
Exclusive Kitchenware Porcelain is cadmium and lead free.

2b. A unique production process
Exclusive Kitchenware porcelain has been so successful mainly thanks to the high quality of the raw materials used and thanks to the unique production process. The molds are fired at very high temperatures. This gives the porcelain its dimensional stability. Subsequently, a first glaze layer is applied , after which the porcelain is fired at a high temperature a second time. In the case of painted porcelain , the colors and motifs are applied during the production process itself . After the porcelain is fired for a third time , so the colors and underglaze get a very high color fastness. Even with daily use of the dishwasher Exclusive Kitchenware porcelain remains timelessly beautiful, and the many generations to come .

3 ) Care and cleaning of porcelain
3a . Rinse by hand
The rinsing by hand is still the best way to clean your porcelain.
Never use aggressive cleaning agents!

3b. dishwasher
The dishwasher is a much more aggressive type of cleaning than washing up by hand , because the detergents used in this case of strong chemical compounds are composed .
These chemicals are time and at high temperatures, onto the dishes , so that any stains can arise.
1 ) Before you wash the china in the dishwasher , you should free it well under running water of food scraps . To prevent the action of saline substances.

2) Some drinks such as coffee or tea can cause stubborn stains. Rinse your cups immediately after use and remove any residue carefully each time .

3) Do not overfill your dishwasher never . To prevent your porcelain is damaged. Also prevents a crowded dishwasher that water reaches every place , which it could happen that your porcelain is not fully cleaned.

4) The Abspülprodukte , the water softener and the salt dose always follow the instructions on the packaging. Never mix different Abspülprodukte , if this is not provided. We recommend the use of branded products !

5) At the end of the wash cycle the porcelain take directly from the dishwasher and dry with a clean, dry kitchen towel.

6) Check the porcelain on food residues and remove them if necessary the same.

4) Security
Porcelain Exclusive Kitchenware is oven and microwave safe. But be careful: The porcelain can be extremely hot. We recommend that you always use protective gloves when you take the china out of the oven or the microwave.
Exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations, the porcelain can break (for example , when you take a hot dish from the oven and place at the deep end ) . We recommend that you allow to cool hot dishes always slowly to avoid damage.
Ask your porcelain never at a heat source such as a gas stove !