Powered by KUBOTA Mini Digger

€ 23.950,00
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The Powered by Kubota  mini digger is a compact, powerful excavator designed for versatile applications. Weighing approximately 1 tonne, this mini digger is ideal for work in confined spaces. Equipped with an efficient Kubota diesel engine, it delivers reliable performance, while the advanced hydraulic systems ensure precise control and smooth movements. It is equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic operating cabin, allowing the operator to work comfortably in all circumstances. With its durable construction and versatile attachments, the Powered by Kubota is a reliable choice for various earthmoving activities.


  • Machine weight (kg) 1125
  • Power (kW/hp) 7.6 / 10.3
  • Max speed (km/h) 2.0/ 4.0
  • Max digging depth (mm) 1800
  • Max reach (mm) 3330
  • Max digging force arm/ak (kN) 5.4/10.4
  • Yield extra function 21 l/min @ 175 kgf/cm2
  • Total height (mm) 750 to 990
  • Transport height (mm) 2980